Do you still run the old-fashioned "Sales Machine"?
Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 07:06PM
erich stolz in Customers, Leadership, Partnership, Sales, Sales Management, Solution Selling.

 Do you still run the old fashioned "Sales Machine"?

“Wanted: experienced sales professionals looking to maximize earning potential in a fast-paced, competitive sales organization.”

This is a description of the salesperson of the past—the one who follows a carefully honed sales process designed to close the highest volume of sales before the quarter ends from people already ready to buy. But nowadays if you wait until customers have all the information they need to buy, the only way you’re going to get their business is to compete on price.

Far more lucrative are the sales organizations that create demand, rather than just respond to it. Salespeople in these companies demonstrate creative solutions to needs customers don’t already know they have, sometimes with funds they don’t yet realize they might access.

This is good news for creative thinkers—but bad news for most sales reps today. I have read an extensive research report where the authors found only 17% of existing sales employees score high on the skills needed for this new kind of selling. WOW! Look at your organization. How do your sales people achieve sales orders? How high is your turnover rate of sales people in your organization? Are your sales people still running the old-fashioned "Sales Machine"?

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